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Sewer Scope

a blockage in a drain pipe

Whether the home you are looking to purchase is a newly built or an older home, a sewer scope is highly recommended. There are many issues found in the sewer line and the most common issues are caused by soil movement and poor installation, cracks, leaks, blockages, off-set pipes and root intrusion. Our sewer camera allows us to observe, locate and record the conditions of the pipe from your house to the city mainline.


Having your sewer line repaired can become very expensive. It is vital that you get a sewer scope completed before the closing of your property. We supply you with an unbiased inspection with a written and recorded version of the sewer scope. This information can help you make the needed decisions with your property and can be given to a plumber to make the necessary repairs.


There are several areas where we can access the sewer pipe if we run into any issues at the main clean out. Before we arrive, please ask the owner to clear out the area at the main clean out so we can get access to it. If for some reason the sewer scope can not be completed because of safety or legal limitations, we will refund you the entire fee of the sewer scope.

blockage in a drain pipe
blockage in a drain pipe

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